Welcome! Carl's the name and I am the proud director of HOARDER HELPERS - a small, professional, well-drilled team who specialise in hoarder clear outs and cleanups throughout the North Island, New Zealand. 

I started my younger days working as a cleaning employee. After realising there were administrational and professional aspects that could be improved to deliver a better service, I decided to start my own company doing domestic cleaning to improve in these areas. From there, it grew into cleaning for estates and eventually on behalf of solicitors. After several years, I made the right contacts, gained priceless knowledge and started "Deceased Estate Services Ltd" which I still continue to own, run, and enjoy to this day.

Hoarder Helpers have a SITEWISE GOLD status (the highest level obtainable). In short, this means we take our health and safety very seriously using full PPE gear, equipment and vehicle checks, communication and team work. This offers our clients great peace of mind. With our 100% safety record firmly intact, we have no intentions of letting that slip!

HOARDER HELPERS is a sister company of "Deceased Estate Services Ltd" which is a separate division dedicated solely to Hoarder work, our speciality. My team and I pride ourselves on being extremely professional, efficient, fast and delivering results of the absolute highest quality, going above and beyond each and every time. We love what we do and believe this is evident in the end result. 

With years of experience under our belt and hundreds and hundreds of jobs completed, we know every job is different and that each situation is unique. We never judge anyone in these predicaments, so please never feel embarrassed or ashamed of yourself or your loved ones' situation. Sometimes life throws a curve ball and things can get out of hand, hey, it happens! No one is perfect. We've seen and done it all so nothing scares me or my team!

Some of the Services HOARDER HELPERS offer:

Removing all waste, damaged furniture and chattels from the dwelling(s) including garages, large sheds or barns. We can remove all items (total clear-out) or just the unsanitary waste leaving the main chattels like bed, couch, dining table, etc.

Upon request, our team can attend to the (often) overgrown lawns, weeds, bushes, trees, water blasting / soft washing, etc to help the tired yard return back to it's former glory (or even better!). 

Whether it be 1 car or 20, trucks, caravans, boats or motorcycles, our team will uplift, clean and sell the vehicles on your behalf. Running or not, old or new, they will be removed and taken care of accordingly. 

Upon request, our team can complete anything from a mild blow out to a full DEEP clean including steaming, walls, neutralising the odour and surfaces, walls, ceilings, nicotine stains, mould stains. 

If you don't require a total clear-out, then we will remove all rubbish and keep the main chattels. We will then organise the chattels and personal belongings like beds, kitchen, furniture and any saveable items that are in an acceptable sanitary condition in such a manner so as to help the "Hoarder" from relapsing. 

We are here to help and are totally open to any requests you, your family or client may have that make the process easier. From rehoming beloved family pets to organising items to be sent overseas. Just ask!

HOADER HELPERS service THE ENTIRE NORTH ISLAND from Northland to Wellington, Taranaki to Hawkes Bay, Auckland to Tauranga and everywhere in between. We work on behalf of family, trustees, solicitors and the DHB. Call 0800 555-HELP (4357) today for a free no obligation quote. 

Last but certainly not least, we understand the terminology "Hoarder" maybe offensive to some and in no way, shape or form do we mean any disrespect when using it. Sadly, there is no other way to technically describe this condition which is a recognisable term to everyone. We realise this is a disorder so treat every case with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

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