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Welcome to HOARDER HELPERS. New Zealand's Hoarding Clearance Specialists.

Hoarder Helpers take care of everything from start to finish; emptying, cleaning, organising, exterior work and everything in between. We are fast, discreet, offer competitive pricing and unrivalled results. We have been called in to clean up after some of our competitors "cleans" on numerous occasions so save time and hassle by doing it once, doing it right and getting in the Hoarder professionals from the start. 

Hoarder Helpers go above and beyond, making sure each and every job exceeds our clients expectations. Our photo gallery with before and after photos a testament to this. Unlike other companies, we specialise in hoarders... that's all we do!! Our pricing is transparent with detailed quotes and no hidden costs. We work on behalf of family, trustees, real estate agents, the DHB and solicitors. Need help? Get in touch for a free no obligation quote on 0800 555-HELP (4357) or 


Clearing out the dwelling of all refuse, damaged chattels, curtains and carpet removal are just some of the services we provide.


If requested, a deep interior clean will also be completed. This not only improves the sanitary aspect but also  neutralises the odour.


Lawns, weeding, pruning, refuse & scrap removal, water blasting, presentational work are all available upon request.


Cars, trucks, buses, caravans, boats, new, old, big or small, running or not, we will uplift them and sell them on behalf of the family / client.

Our small, professional, well-drilled team will step in and separate items to keep, dispose of, donate or sell.  If requested, after the property has been cleared, a deep interior house clean will also be completed leaving the dwelling hygienic and fresh. Exterior work like overgrown lawns, weeds, shrubs, trees, bushes, etc can also be attended to at this time.

Once the sanitary aspect has been taken care of, we can organise the remaining chattels and personal items in the house if requested. This not only looks tidy but is hygienic and sanitary and is done in such a manner or "system" that the client ("Hoarder") has the best chance of maintaining the property when left unsupervised and to help avoid relapse. 

The end result is a total transformation! A fresh, hygienically clean and empty (or reorganised) property, ready for stress free and uncluttered living or to list on the real estate market.

"A picture speaks a thousand words."

Sometimes it’s better to let our work do the talking!


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