Is a quote required? Is it free?

Absolutely. It's an extremely easy process which takes 10-15 minutes. Together, we'll do a walk around of the property and determine the most efficient way of clearing and if requested, cleaning the property. We can discuss any specific requests or questions you may have. 

HOARDER HELPERS will offer advice on how to best approach the situation, making the entire process easier for you and your family. Once the walk around is completed, you will receive your free no obligation quote via email within 24 hours. Depending on location of both parties, we may do an estimate based on photos you provide.

How are quotes based?

Property size and layout, the amount of refuse to remove, work involved, the number (and size) of chattels to be removed or stored, site and dwelling access, location, cleanliness, hazards (asbestos, rodents, human and/or animal excrement, etc). We also factor in the urgency required to have it completed and of course, any specific client requests. Having vast experience in this industry, we know what it takes to do the work and the time required and the quote is priced accordingly.

Do you clear out ALL the furniture and chattels?

This is totally up to our clients! We can either complete a total clear-out which includes all rubbish, chattels, carpet and curtains (if required, due to rotting and odour) leaving the dwelling, garage or shed fully empty. This is perfect for those clients who wish to list their property on the real estate market. 

If requested, we can also do the exact same as the total clear-out but as we complete this process, we will sort and store any saveable items that are in an acceptable sanitary condition, requested chattels, personal belongings or heirlooms and put them to one side for the family to collect and attend to at their leisure. 

Can you organise the house after clearing out the refuse?

Yes, absolutely! Further to our answer above, if the "Hoarder" wishes to move back into the dwelling and if requested, we will clear-out all the unsanitary items and refuse and as we complete this process, re-organise the entire house. This not only looks much better and is much safer and sanitary to live in but it will be organised in such a manner that the "Hoarder" has the less likelihood of relapsing. Win win.

How long do HOARDER HELPERS take to complete a job?

It depends on the size and layout, how much refuse and the work involved / requested. When you receive your free no obligation quote, the expected time frame to complete your specific job will be advised. We are efficient and thorough and complete the requested work in a timely fashion without sacrificing quality. 

As a ball park, a 3-bedroom home full = 2-4 full days. For larger homes, 4-5+ bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, out door work = 4-6 full days. During this time frame, HOARDER HELPERS turn a completely overrun hoarder property into an empty, clean and saleable property. A total transformation.

Does the hoarder (or someone) need to be home during the work?

No. We will not take on a hoarder property with the "hoarder" present. Based on our vast experience, having the hoarder present is extremely emotional and mentally draining on the hoarder (this is not fair). Having them present sadly slows the entire process down to where in some circumstances, the clear-out and quoted work may potentially be jeopardised. Not having a client present allows us to do the work unhindered, efficiently and in a more timely manner. We suggest the hoarder stays with friends, family or worst case for 3-4 days at an Air Bnb or Hotel.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept payment via online banking as this is convenient and easier for both parties. For clients normally resident overseas, payment in full via cleared funds is required prior to commencement of the job.

What if I am not completely satisfied?

Whilst this has never happened, we will always stand by our work. If there is something you feel we could have done better, HOARDER HELPERS will put it right. 100% guaranteed. After the job is completed, we will meet at the property and do a walk around together allowing you to inspect the work. We want our clients happy when they leave and we encourage them to speak up. 

What areas do you service?

The entire North Island. From Wellington to Northland, Auckland to Tauranga, Taranaki to Hawkes Bay and everywhere in between.

Can you find or recover requested heirlooms?

Absolutely! If there are specific articles in the property that you, your family or client wish to locate, our team will do their absolute best to find the requested item(s) and put them to one side. More often than not, a family will email a list of requested items which we then print off and pin to the main entrance. As we locate these items, they are removed from the list.

Do I / we have to be in New Zealand?

No. Not at all. We realise family members or next of kin may reside outside of New Zealand and we are more than happy to work with you. So whether you're in the UK, Finland, Chicago or Dubai, we can most definitely help. Note: As you reside outside of New Zealand, payment must be made in full prior to work commencing. 

What if there are cars, trucks, caravans or boats, etc?

We can take care of any vehicle on the property no matter the size, running or not, new or old, 1 or 20. From large trucks, cars and motorcycles to boats, caravans, tractors, quad bikes and other farm equipment. We will uplift the vehicles for either disposal (scrap) or depending on condition, clean them up, inspect them at our in-house mechanic shop, make professional photos and sell them on behalf of the family / client. 

Is Hoarder Helpers WINZ registered?

Yes, we are WINZ registered. If you’re on a low income or the benefit, Work and Income NZ may help pay for the cost of the work required. Once we have provided you with a quote, you simply take this quote to Work and Income NZ and they will confirm how much assistance you are able to receive.

Is cleaning the interior / exterior mandatory?

Absolutely not! With hoarder properties, more often than not, cleaning isn't really an option due to years of neglect; mould, rotting carpet and damp damaged walls, stains, holes, etc. Same with lawns, weeding, tree and bush pruning. 

If a clean isn't requested, we will usually air blow the house out, sweep the interior floors and give it a quick tidy up so it's at the very least, presentable. Each property varies tremendously so we are more than happy to customise every job to suit whatever our clients request. 

Any other questions? Just ask!

We are always open to requests! We realise all properties are different and that they all have their own unique circumstances. From uplifting and sending items overseas to family or rehoming beloved pets, we can attend to pretty much anything you require. 

If for some reason there is something we can't attend to like, a major plumbing issue or having all the locks changed etc, we can organise this all on your behalf. Contact us today if you require any info about the services we offer or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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